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Fakultät Kulturwissenschaften

Dr. Manuela Vida-Mannl

  • Multilingualism
  • Sociolinguistics
  • English in international contexts
  • World Englishes
  • Language Acquisition
  • Morpho-syntax of English
  • Language and Social Justice
  • the use and value of English around the Globe

Current Projects

  • Habilitation/post-doctoral project: Multilingual encounters in international contexts in Croatia – English and beyond (working title)
  • Tourism communication in Croatia and Cuba: Investigating language characteristics, language use and attitudes in a multilingual societies



  • 2022: Offermann-Hergarten Preis for outstanding contributions to the field of Humanities at the University of Cologne for The Value of the English Language in Global Mobility and Higher Education: An Investigation of Higher Education in Cyprus.
  • 2023: TU Dortmund Young Academy project funding ‘English in tourism and beyond: Multilingual encounters in international contexts in Croatia’

Monographs / Textbooks:

  • fc. Multilingualism: A Sociolinguistic and Acquisitional Approach (with Sarah Buschfeld & Patricia Ronan). Heidelberg: Springer.
  • 2021. The value of the English language in global mobility and higher education: An investigation of higher education in Cyprus.  London: Bloomsbury.

Edited Volumes

  • In prep. ed. Global English in its local multilingual ecologies (with Peter Siemund & Gardy Stein). Amsterdam:  John Benjamins.
  • fc. ed., Acquisition and variation in World Englishes: Bridging paradigms and rethinking approaches (with Mirjam Schmalz, Sarah Buschfeld & Thorsten Brato). Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton.

Articles in edited volumes:

  • fc. “Parental language ideologies and children’s language use – raising speakers of ‘Standard’ English?”. In T. Brato, S. Buschfeld & M. Schmalz (eds.), Acquisition and variation in World Englishes: Bridging paradigms and rethinking approaches. Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton.
  • fc. “English in Cyprus” (with Sarah Buschfeld). In R. Hickey (ed.), The New Cambridge History of the English Language, Vol. 4. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


  • Sociolinguistics
  • the history of Global English
  • Morphology
  • Multilingualism
  • Syntax
  • (Second) language acquisition
  • core linguistics