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Department of Cultural Studies

Management board of the Department for Language, Literature and Culture

All professors,  staff representatives (academic and non-academic) as well as student representatives (Fachschaft Germanistik, Fachschaft Englisch, Fachschaft Sprachkultur) are members of the management board.

The directors as well as the staff and student representatives of the Department for Language,  Literature and Culture were elected in the first inaugural meeting on January 13, 2021.

Executive Management



Members of the management board

Professorial board members

Elected representatives for academic staff


Elected representatives for non-academic staff


Elected student representatives

Fachschaft Sprachkultur: Katharina Vieth, Silke Niehaus-Scherpenberg (Deputy)
Fachschaft Englisch: Ilie Shirin, Hestia van Roest (Deputy)
Fachschaft Germanistik: Sarah Toepfer

Permanent guests in the management board

Study coordination for English studies: Dr. Cyprian Piskurek

Study coordination for German studies: Dr. Matthias Thiele

Study coordination for Applied Study programmes: Barbara Berendt-Metzner, Miriam Brockmeyer

English lan­guage skills section (Sprachpraxis): Dr. Richard Bell, Barbara Hamblock

German as a second lan­guage section (DaZ): Dr. Pembe Şahiner,  Annika Frank