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Methods in Historical Pragmatics

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Digital workshop organised by Theresa Neumaier (TU Dortmund University) & Sofia Rüdiger (University of Bayreuth)

Pragmatic researchers have typically investigated ‘acting through speaking’ on the basis of spoken face-to-face conversation (Levinson 2017:202). While this is relatively straightforward when looking at Modern English, other periods of English typically lack comparable data sources. Moreover, modern assumptions or perceptions can be misleading when reconstructing pragmatic meaning in historical contexts. Scholars working in the field of historical pragmatics thus face specific challenges with respect to the type of data they can access as well as the methodologies they can employ to analyse them.

This workshop offers an introduction to the state of the art and methodological challenges in Historical Pragmatics. It is primarily aimed at early career researchers but is also open to BA and MA students as well as anyone with an interest in historical pragmatic research. The program includes an overview lecture by Andreas H. Jucker (University of Zurich) and a roundtable discussion between Claudia Claridge (University of Augsburg), Jonathan Culpeper (Lancaster University), and Minna Palander-Collin (University of Helsinki).

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