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Hilary Meuter

Hilary Meuter is a PhD student at TU Dortmund.  She has her BA and MA in History with a minor in Political Science.  Her dissertation project explores the how memory, both individual and collective, has distanced itself from history in the context of Confederate monuments. 

  • American History

  • the American Civil War

  • Public History

  • Memory Studies

  • “The Defeated Versus the Victors: A Transatlantic Comparison of the Confederate Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery.”  Doing Southern Studies Today Conference, Humboldt University, Berlin, January 13-15, 2021.
  • “The Controversy over Confederate Monuments: Mapping the Changes in the Expression of Collective Memory.”  PhD Seminar in American History / American Studies, Roosevelt Institute for American Studies, Middelburg, the Netherlands, 2-4 December 2020.